About Us

Helen Anthony is the new premium British marque. British in style and design and unrivalled in quality. We tailor the highest quality garments, produced from the finest leathers, yarns and wools, with unparalleled style and haute couture. Our designs are contemporary, sharp and daring, yet retain the essential classic elements that make them appeal to the more discerning gentleman.

Helen Anthony are British and are proud to be part of the heritage that has defined the British fashion industry as a world leader and trend setter. Get into Helen Anthony, get into London and mark your mark on the fashion scene!

“Fashion is an art and craft that reflects on the nature of the body and on the individual creativity” – Anthony, Designer at Helen Anthony


Helen Anthony is the rising star of Savile row, Helen Anthony is breaking out of the conventional molds, setting his own rules and letting his imagination run free. His range of high-quality, bespoke and ready to wear suits, leather collection and hand knitting collection offers a versatility rivaled by none other. For whatever the occasion, Helen Anthony will have something to allow you to look, and ultimately be your best.

As a full-scale expression of his own perspectives and ideas on clothing that he couldn't find on the set brands and shops he had around him in his youth, he took it into his own and started creating his unique designs. The brand name stemmed from the combination of his own and his great grandmother’s, which takes the first half, and not only serves as a heartfelt dedication to her continuous inspiration, Helen Thomas was in fact Anthony’s upmost supporter and very first teacher of basic tailoring skills.

Throughout the years, the label has evolved, following a steady course of bold yet elegant designs. Anthony’s creative line travels a precise trajectory through striking individualism whilst maintaining an effortlessly classical foundation. The use of an eclectic and fearless colour scheme reflects the diversity of global fashion that Anthony wished to represent through his collections.


 "It is not only enough to be seen, but also to be understood if we are ever to be truly known. Decide who you are. Choose who you want to be..."– Anthony, Designer at Helen Anthony


 "We are the quiet confidence, the assured style. We are the unique statement, that brave message that delineates us from the rest"